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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels compared to steel wheels?

2021-05-28 11:22:03
Wheel hubs are also called rims. They are generally made of metal, and a few are also made of plastic. They are mostly found in miniature vehicles and have not been popularized. The more common ones are aluminum alloy and steel wheels. Of course, the most popular ones are aluminum alloy wheels. Aluminum-magnesium alloy wheels are also used in high-performance racing cars. Let's take a look at the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels over steel wheels.
More common aluminum alloy wheels
1. Light weight and fast speed increase. The rotational inertia of aluminum alloy wheels is much smaller than that of steel wheels. Therefore, the installation of aluminum alloy wheels can make the car more sensitive in acceleration, turning and braking. The light weight wheels will make the car more speedy. quick.
2. Better comfort. In addition to the excellent performance of aluminum alloy wheels on flat roads, light-weight wheels can also improve the comfort of bumpy roads.
More common aluminum alloy wheels
Third, the cooling effect is better. One is because the aluminum alloy is strong, the spokes are relatively narrow and easy to shape, which can leave more space for ventilation, and can accommodate larger brake calipers and brake discs, which can cool down more effectively . The second is that the aluminum alloy material has higher heat exchange efficiency, which means that it absorbs heat and dissipates faster, and can quickly absorb the conductive heat of the brake disc, and then quickly dissipate it into the air.
Fourth, higher strength The high hardness of the aluminum alloy wheel significantly reduces the tilt of the tire or wheel when turning.
Fifth, make the tire grip better. Aluminum alloy wheels can reduce the non-load weight, thereby improving the grip. Because the road vibration and steering force are very sensitive to non-load weight, the aluminum alloy wheels also show better cornering performance and more precise steering action. Editing summary of more common aluminum alloy wheels: Compared with steel wheels, the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are still obvious. They are lighter in weight and higher in strength. They are more vivid and vivid for the performance of the car. Of course, the performance is higher, the materials and manufacturing The craftsmanship will increase, and the cost will increase accordingly. If we upgrade the wheel hub, we will pay more money.