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The production process of aluminum wheels

2021-05-28 11:22:03

[China Aluminum Network] The wheel hub is one of the most important safety parts in a car. There are steel wheels and aluminum wheels. The wheels bear the pressure of the car and the load, and are subject to the dynamics of the vehicle when starting and braking. Torque also bears the irregular alternating forces generated by dynamic loads from different directions, such as turning, bumpy roads, and road obstacle impacts during the driving of the car.

The quality and reliability of the wheel hub not only affects the safety of the vehicle and the personnel and materials on the vehicle, but also affects the stability, maneuverability, and comfort of the vehicle during driving. This requires a good dynamic balance, high fatigue strength, and With good rigidity and elasticity, high precision in size and shape, and light weight, aluminum wheels meet the above requirements with their good comprehensive performance. They have outstanding performance in safety, comfort and light weight, and have won the favor of the market. Gradually replace steel wheels to become the best choice.

The main production process of automobile aluminum wheels is: melting → refining → material inspection → low pressure casting → X-ray inspection → heat treatment → machining → dynamic balance inspection → air tightness inspection → coating.