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Are the big wheels really good?

2021-05-28 11:22:03

When you look at the model introduction, do you find a phenomenon? In addition to some performance and configuration differences, the wheel hub size is also different between the different configurations of some models. The more expensive the configuration, the larger the wheel hub size, and the appearance looks more sporty and better. But is it really necessary to choose a big wheel? What is the difference between normal use and normal size? What are the different changes after expanding the hub?

Common wheel size

Usually the wheel sizes calibrated by wheel manufacturers are: 15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, and 19 inches. Smaller sizes are usually equipped in family cars, and larger sizes are equipped with more advanced cars. For example, usually family cars with less than 150,000 officially give three different configuration options of 15, 16, and 17; cars with more than 250,000 officially give three different configuration options, 17, 18, and 19.

If you don't know the size of the wheels on your car, you can look at the numbers on the tires. Usually, the numbers marked on our tires will be three sets, similar to: 225 60 R17, the size unit is millimeters. 225 refers to the width of the tire in contact with the ground; 60 is the tire flatness; R17 corresponds to the size of the wheel, so this is a 17-inch wheel.

Advantages and disadvantages of large-size wheels

Although the high-profile large wheels look very sporty and improve the appearance of the entire car, it is not perfect either. To enjoy some of the advantages, but also to bear some of the disadvantages.

Large-size wheels can provide us with better handling. The larger the wheel, the lower the aspect ratio, which means that the tires are thinner, and the feedback to the road conditions is clearer and more controllable; and when corners are in contact with the tires The area is large so it is not easy to deform, and it has better grip. This is why the size of the wheels of many sports cars and racing cars is very large.

However, the disadvantages of large wheels cannot be ignored, because in order to balance, the size of the wheel is large, the aspect ratio becomes lower, and the tire wall is thin. Then the ride comfort becomes weaker and the relative fuel consumption will increase. It is not because it is expensive and it has no disadvantages. If you care about economical fuel consumption, you can choose a smaller wheel size as much as possible.

But why is flatness that is often said here is so important? Why does the tire wall become thinner when the wheel hub becomes larger? The width of the hub is the distance between the protrusions on both sides of the hub. We usually say that the width of the wheel hub is 7J, 8J, the number represents the width of the wheel hub, 7J represents the width of 7 inches, J is the type of Z common wheel hub. The width of the hub determines the width of the tire, so there are corresponding standards for the width of the hub installed with different J values

If it was originally a 17-inch wheel, but want to change to a larger size, such as an 18-inch wheel, then its corresponding value will be higher. According to the formula, the difference between the diameter of the new and old tires should be controlled at about 3%, so as to ensure driving. Safety, so its optional tires are wider, and the sidewalls of natural tires are thinner.

What changes have been made after expanding the hub?

If you don't mind the increase in fuel consumption and think the larger size is better, then you need to pay attention to many things when you drive after you buy it. Because the wheels are bigger, the tires are wider, and the sidewalls are thinner, if you don't pay attention, the probability of bulging or flat tires will be much higher than that of small wheels.

Urban road sections often have manhole covers, speed bumps, including some deep and shallow pits. When passing these places, try not to roll them without rolling; if you have to roll, try to reduce the speed to Z as low as possible, otherwise it will be easy Bulging the tires is too exhausting, and it also increases the risk of driving. So if you are a veteran driver, you can choose large-size wheels. If you are a novice driver just to buy a trolley for transportation, you can try large-size wheels in a few years.