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What is a wheel?

2021-05-28 11:22:03

Anche's soft wheels, only wheels and Mofan, Zhulunhuahu, wheels invented by our ancestors very early, the earliest real wheels were found in Yinxu. The seemingly inconspicuous wheel is a very great invention in human history. In a certain sense, the civilization of the world moves forward on wheels.

From the beginning of people pulling shoulders and carrying livestock, to mud sleds and sledges pulled by animals; from rolling logs to moving boulders, to the advent of wheels and the invention of cars; from the steam engine era, the internal combustion engine era to the high-speed rail era, the wheels promote human production The transformation of the way and the sublimation of the way of thinking. It can be said that human beings use their wisdom to hit the world on wheels, and the wheels promote human progress.

The invention of the wheel can be verified around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, the birthplace of the two rivers civilization. The first wheel used for transportation was born around 3200 BC, a two-wheeled carriage used for wars or competitions in Mesopotamia.

However, these recorded human civilizations are far from reflecting the long history of the wheel. The true origin of the wheel may have started from the Stone Age, which is about 15,000 to 750,000 years ago. At that time, the wheel was actually a Round wooden piles, primitive humans used several wooden piles to be placed side by side under the load to roll forward. Of course, this also caused a big problem that people faced at the time-they could not continue to roll in the expected direction.

After the wheel was born 1500 years ago, the Egyptians first began to use wheels composed of axle holes, spokes, and rims, which not only saved raw materials, but also made the wheels lighter and more convenient.

By 1000 AD, the Celtics began to use iron rim wheels on their two-wheeled carriages. Due to their sturdiness and durability, this type of wheel was used until 1802 AD, followed by the appearance of wire spokes, until 1926. In 1927, it was changed to steel spokes. The main focus of the development of wheels was to reduce the weight of the wheels. Up to now, the wheels of automobiles are basically made of steel and aluminum alloy.

With the evolution of wheels and the development of craftsmanship, the structure of the wheel has changed from multi-part combination to integral molding. We can see from this tank model for ancient wheels. The outermost ring is called the rim, and then this divergent shape becomes a spoke. , The fixed-spoke one in the middle is called the hub, and modern wheels combine them into one. Of course, there are also multi-piece wheels for special aesthetics. The modern structure with fewer wheels is very helpful in reducing the weight of the wheels and the stability of the overall structure, which also lays a good foundation for the high efficiency of transportation in today's society.

Due to the difference in the naming conventions between the north and the south, modern wheels are also called rims, steel rims, wheels, wheels, tire bells, etc. Among them, wheel is the most commonly used name, but if we go to Alibaba to search for wheels, we will still There is something called a wheel hub, which is called a wheel hub in English. According to the structure of the ancient wheel, this is the hub of the wheel. What riders usually think of as a wheel is a wheel with a hub. Since the two are easy to confuse in the automotive industry, the wheels in the mouth of car owners are more called wheels.

With the development of wheels, wheels, hubs, and axles have become me in you and you in me.